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Introducing MOFT

Our next chapter: From digital agency to distributor of an exciting must-have accessory. We haven’t given up our day jobs; far from it – we are as energised as ever to be digital consultants to dynamic brands and businesses in London and beyond. But we saw an opportunity and we grabbed it! Read on to hear about our new chapter as both a creative digital agency and a distributor of a pioneering product, that’s not been available in the UK – until now.

Made by ChapterBusiness Introducing MOFT

Introducing MOFT

Have you, like us, been putting up with slouching over your laptop and a sore neck every day for who knows how many years?

If so, then you’ll be as excited as we are about a new ‘invisible’ laptop stand that’s set to take the UK by storm. Made by Chapter is the official distributor of said amazing accessory  (www.madebymoft.com) and we are really excited that people here can now have one too.

As gadget aficionados, tech geeks and advocates of the remote working revolution, we are thrilled to be teaming up with the original inventors of MOFT (Mobile Office for Travellers). It’s a transformational stand that sticks onto the back of your laptop and raises and angles it to a comfier position. After backing MOFT on a crowdfunding app, we all tried them out for ourselves and they’ve been lifechanging. For all of us, it was one of those ‘why on earth has this product not been invented before now?’ type of moments.


MOFT Founder and fellow female businesswoman, Julianna He, explains how she came up with the product idea in the first place:

“As a woman entrepreneur, I travel a lot. MOFT is a concept I came up with while traveling between China and the United States. Anybody can tell you that as a digital nomad, working on a tiny MacBook Air, whether working in a coffee shop, airport or from the road, you have to slouch over the computer and it is often not comfortable. Sure enough, I developed severe cervical spondylosis – wear and tear affecting the spinal disks in the neck. I tried over 20 laptop stands that claimed to be “mobile”. All of them, without exception, were big in size, heavy in weight, and everything but mobile. So, I teamed up with a product expert and MOFT was born. I am thrilled that Made by Chapter will be making the MOFT laptop stand accessible to the UK market.”

Our team works wherever, whenever – the office, the gym, cafés, the park, you name it – and we are constantly on the go. Knowing how much the stands have changed our lives, we wanted everyone on this side of the pond to be able to get their hands on one too. Slick, super lightweight, ultra-thin to fit in your usual laptop case – this is the new must-have purchase.


In Julianna’s words:

“The materials, the two adjusting angles, the built-in magnet, the surface textures are all carefully considered without taking anything for granted. My dream is now turning into reality as we make a product and a brand that we not only love but that I am especially passionate for which is to keep life simple, pain-free and to keep more people focused on their work, without getting disrupted by health concerns.”

We have big ambitions over here for Julianna’s original vision.

This affordable product is one of the most useful items in our remote working repertoire – we don’t know how we ever functioned without one. And we can’t wait to hear what you think about the stands when you get your hands on one too.



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