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I’m Made by Chapter Co-Founder, and this is my story…

Made by ChapterBusiness I’m Made by Chapter Co-Founder, and this is my story…

I’m Made by Chapter Co-Founder, and this is my story…

It’s taken Made by Chapter three years to officially launch – despite it taking just minutes to agree on a brand name in our first ever brainstorm as a new business. This may sound a bit bonkers, but we’ve been pretty busy with our clients and we feel the time is right. Now we have all our ducks in a row, I wanted to welcome you into our world and let you know a little more about what makes us tick as a business. And more importantly, how we can make your business tick – with our creative digital and branding specialists.

Pocket-sized and passionate…

People often ask me why we decided to take on an industry that’s overcrowded – saturated, some might say. Well, yes, we are a London-based creative digital agency. But that’s about where our similarities with others end. Firstly, I view us as more of a software house. We are a small, core team that manages all our projects and looks after our clients. The magic happens thanks to our global network of trusted multi-disciplinary specialists. What we can promise as a pocket-sized consultancy is to deliver big things for our clients. In fact, being boutique makes us quick to act, nimble, determined, energetic and the perfect fit as a digital arm to any business. When we started, we had a vision to really help businesses of all shapes and sizes improve their online presence and tell their story. Clients have complete transparency to where their project budget is going – this is because we spend less time account managing and more time doing. 

Passionate about all things digital…

Above all, we are total tech geeks – to our very core. We eat, sleep and breathe social, apps, gadgets, websites, branding; we are very passionate about all things digital. We are also business owners, so we think like business owners and can really get into clients’ heads to discover the why. People often just plough ahead with the what and just pay lip service to the why. But understanding the why inside out is what I believe makes us different. As an extension of their team, we are not afraid of challenging the status quo and asking difficult questions. But a clear, simple approach is also what sets us apart – amidst all the noise and hype. And if I can future-gaze for a moment, as digital remains centre stage, I think simplicity will soon become the protagonist.

Ups, downs & sometimes upside-down…

That’s not to say my day job (that often runs into the night, for that matter) is simple. Far from it. There are lows of running my own business, as those in the know will appreciate: cash flow worries, very little downtime, not having all the answers all of the time, economic uncertainty. And the ubiquitous concern that every entrepreneur has: will I still have clients next week; will the bills be paid? Not to mention the juggling act of trying to have a personal life. This year especially, three of the closest women in my life have suffered from mental health issues. It’s a good wake-up call that I need to be present and remember my own personal narrative too. 

Our own page-turners…

But I’ll take the lows and complications any day, as the highs overshadow them tenfold. I overcame my fear of public speaking and interviewed an all-time heroine of mine – Dame Stephanie Shirley (although she’d rather be called a hero, I’m sure) – fierce humanist, pioneer of the gig economy and philanthropic juggernaut. And she was so altruistic and interested in Made in Chapter! She gave me key advice, that also allowed me to put perfection to the side and just go for it. I will never forget that meeting.

We are on a particular high at the moment, because we have just become the official UK distributor of a pioneering ‘invisble’ laptop stand (MOFT). We first spotted it on a crowdfunding site. It’s changed our lives and now we can’t wait for it to change the lives of other remote workers. Shifting from a service provider to a product provider too, is an amazing feeling and it feels like such a good fit for who we are and what we already do. And we are always on the look-out for the next thing that gives us that lightbulb moment.

The epic everyday…

And yet, there are other daily highs that may seem ordinary – but that gives me a real buzz. Like picking up new, inspirational work, or checking-in with our longstanding and equally inspirational clients, like PR agency TVC. We’ve started working with a client in the Cayman Islands, who is one of the most motivated people I have ever met. Speaking to teams like this, located far and wide, is a real highlight and I learn so much from them. It’s the never knowing what’s coming next that gets me out of bed in the morning – and it’s why I’ve always tried to work for myself and be genuinely passionate about the projects I take on. 

Next chapters….

As I look to our next few chapters, I think the industry has some exciting times ahead too. I think there will be a big shift in website development. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) will be huge – where you’ll get a website and an app essentially. These hybrids, high performing websites will be more affordable for brands than ever. I’m looking forward to seeing the rollout of top-notch branding combined with a superior online and mobile presence, without the need to blow the budget on software. AR and VR will also be game-changers – and completely transform how we interact with not only content online but how we buy things. Google has already rolled out AR into Google Maps.

From an industry perspective, I think that traditional agency models will be forced to transform – and fast. They will become more agile, more remote and with fewer specialist skills in-house – and be able to provide less budget-busting solutions. As our own story continues, we can’t wait to see what each chapter has in store.


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