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Long story short...

We help brands discover and tell their best stories.

Proudly independent, we have designed an exciting model of work that brings unprecedented agility for our clients. With a combined passion for branding, marketing and technology, we are responsible for building digital narratives.

With our core team based in London, Chapter is a passionate workforce of more than 150 exceptionally talented people working across 4 countries. We curate digital experts from our network to provide consultancy & digital services for clients globally, tailoring our teams to deliver amazing results.

We help brands discover and tell their best stories.

We use the latest technology to bring our teams together. The result is a fast and flexible collective that delivers brilliant people at amazing value. It doesn't matter the scale and size of the project we have the flexibility to take on as much or as little as required.

We approach every challenge in true partnership with you, so you enjoy the process just as much as the end results.

Here's what gets us out of bed every morning...

In everything we do, we need to do something we’re not comfortable with in order to learn & grow... We enjoy pushing boundaries and are at our best when we work with brands that aren't afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Now, more than ever... we believe businesses need to be nimble, in order to stay relevent. We're agile in nature, bringing specialists from around the Globe together to work on fast-paced projects. We're agile in the way we think, which helps us challenge our clients to explore new ways of doing things.

We've built a framework that enables us to operate with agility, passion and a network of incredibly skilled specialists, that we're lucky to call our team. We’re low on ego, heavy on collaboration. Whether it’s teammates or clients, working closely and happily together is essential to our process and ultimate success.

We set ambitious, exciting, and realistic goals for all the projects we work on, and we lead our team to meet (or exceed) them everytime! Even though we get a ton of stuff done every day, we take breaks to think about the big picture and are always asking... what's next?

We believe in measuring our work by the impact that it has for our clients, their audiences and the world around us. Finding meaning and creating impact fuels are passion everytime we do what we do.


We're tech junkies, branding aficionado's, biz development guru's & coding geeks & marketing know-howers. We're super organised, creative, chatty, and we'll never be without a coffee to innovate. We're loveable, playful and always ready for a treat... Well, that's just the office dogs! Our people make us who we are, and we are Made by Chapter.

Co-Founder: Gabriella
(the Digital one)

A business and tech junkie, Gabriella has an insatiable thirst for the latest industry trends, gadgets and gizmos.

  • Super organised: the day-to-day
  • Digital, tech & business junkie
  • Champion of women in business
  • Fuelled by wellness, exercise & food

Co-Founder: Sargina
(the Ideas one)

There are lightbulb moments, and then there are Sargina moments — it's impossible to turn the creative button off in her brain.

  • An investor
  • Die-hard branding aficionado
  • Design & gadget obsessed
  • A natural innovator

Senior Developer: Diego
(the Techie one)

You won't understand a single code he concocts, but you will bask in the glory of Diego's beautiful designs.

  • Chief Geek & Photographer
  • Knows his bits from his bytes
  • Latin-American CMS, websites & blogs mastermind
  • Codes in his spare time — of course!

Social Media Manager: Alena
(the Social one)

A visually-driven content creator, Alena is obsessed with building like-minded communities and keeping up with all things social.

  • Photographer with a marketing mindset
  • International creative experience
  • Passionate about sustainability & life optimization
  • Driven to take the path less taken

Marketing Designer: Isabella Bubola
(the Arty one)

Always a curious creative, Isabella is fascinated how tech and design are shaping our society.

  • Design and social media savvy
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Storyteller at heart
  • Mental health advocate

(the Top Dog)

A Shih Tzu on paper, long-legged by nature, his perfect posture and sad eyes will melt your heart.

  • Lovable
  • Gentle giant
  • Playful
  • Hungry

('Boss B*tch')

A fellow beady-eyed Shih Tzu who always struts her stuff and will never let you leave without a thousand licks.

  • Good
  • Bad
  • Crazy
  • Beautiful
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