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Who we are

Chapter are an established team of creative individuals dedicated to sharing great stories. With a combined passion for branding, marketing and technology, we are responsible for building digital narratives. We pride ourselves on being team players; an extension to your business with specialist skills to keep you agile and relevant.

What we do

Founded by entrepreneurs, we know what it takes to run a business, so we are strategic in our approach. We have created an exciting model of work that brings unprecedented agility for our clients. 

With our core team based in London, Chapter is a passionate workforce of more than 100 exceptionally talented people working across 5 countries. We curate digital experts from our network to provide consultancy & digital services for clients globally , tailoring our teams to deliver amazing results.

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Meet the Founders

Gabriella Bord

Gabriella, with her partner Sargina, co-founded Chapter. An admitted business and digital junkie, Gabriella’s digital skills are always evolving and her insatiable thirst for knowledge and entrepreneurship, guarantees your brand the edge it badly needs. Gabriella will meet you to discuss and understand your vision and goals. She will then create a plan, build a dedicated team and deliver exceptional results.

In her free time, Gabriella can be found researching industry trends and attending countless webinars because when it comes to the digital world, being offline is not an option.

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Sargina Kelaita

Sargina, also known as The one with the ideas. A die-hard branding & design aficionado, Sargina was frustrated with what was available and decided to call everyone she knew with acutely honed skills in both technical and creative areas to create a boutique digital agency. Chapter promises to be one of the brightest bulbs in her idea chest and with marketing and branding at its core, Sargina is in her element. Sargina’s creative genius could be where your next big idea comes from.

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Our Values

We are passionate

We’re passionate about the work we do and we celebrate our team’s successes together. We don’t just do work to fill the time. The things we accomplish are valuable to our company, our clients and their work —and we’re proud of that! We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.

We are always improving

We’re always looking for new things to learn and try. We’re open to bold new ideas if we can test them and learn from them. At the end of every project, we reflect on what worked and what didn’t: What should we start doing, stop doing, and keep doing for similar projects in the future?

We are agile

We’ve built a framework that enables us to operate with agility, passion and a network of incredibly skilled specialists, that we’re lucky to call our team. We have a positive approach all the work we do for our clients and every project is undertaken with the utmost respect. 

We are ambitious

We set ambitious, exciting, and realistic goals for all the projects we work on, and we lead our team to meet (or exceed) them on time! Even though we get a ton of stuff done every day, we take breaks to think about the big picture and are always asking the big questions to ensure we leave no stone unturned.

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Our Promise to you ...

We are committed to defining your strategy and goals, aligning your digital efforts with your business objectives, and making you unforgettable. We’re so confident you’ll be happy with the results that if you’re not… we’ll work for free.

How much do our services cost?

We may not be the cheapest, but we won’t be beaten on Value. We work with an incredible network of specialists. The best of the best. Rates vary depending on the skills, services and availability of our team. We take a simple approach to pricing and that’s tailored to our individual client requirements so it can work in one of the following ways:

  • We provide a bespoke project price, which is totally delivery focused. 
  • We price based on the appropriate time and resources required to deliver the services. 
  • We offer core initial services, which you can purchase directly to get started, such as our SEO and Website Audits. 
  • Retained pricing for projects 3 months and over.

Expect the Unexpected

When it comes to your online presence, everything you do in the digital world is a chapter in your book and part of the story that connects you to your audience. The digital world is everyone’s world; a world we all lose ourselves in. Let us help you put your audience and brand together and take them on the journey of a lifetime. Expect a refreshing approach to delivering your work that exceeds expectations.

Who we work with

Our agile model offers a digital one-stop shop for any business, which is why we work directly with agencies providing additional support and experts as well as directly with clients to create something new & meaningful. 

We use the latest technology to bring our teams together.  The result is a fast and flexible collective that delivers brilliant people at amazing value. It doesn’t matter the scale and size of the project we have the flexibility to take on as much or as little as required. 

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