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The Digital News Agency is an award-winning media platform created by communications agency TVC to distribute media stories and brand assets globally.  The PR tool empowers global brands such as Bacardi, easyJet and The Economist to engage directly with their large media audience. Chapter formed a strong partnership with TVC, providing daily support and developing DNA’s platform and digital strategy.

The brief

TVC wanted to enhance the stability of DNA moving forward and provide a robust platform for future development to take place. The platform needed to encourage visitors to share and download more content. The new DNA would need to be faster and more powerful, with a focus on responsiveness, usability and shareability. 

The solution

We redesigned and developed the DNA into a platform that increased engagement with media users through well-researched user experience.  Building unique solutions for efficient internal communication between DNA and the international brands they service. This includes:

  • A full suite custom CMS
  • Messaging and notifications
  • Asset approval and commenting
  • Database management
  • Publishing, scheduling and notification management

We created a clean and simple website design truly content-first that showcases the latest media stories of the brand. To this day we continue to provide ongoing support and development of the platform. We created an app that encouraged the user to discover, share and download content from their brand of interest.  The App design mirrored the sleek and simple design of the desktop website.


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