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V by Vodafone

Vodafone ventured out of the telecommunications industry to create V by Vodafone; a range of GPS tracking devices designed to make everyday life easier for its users. From pet trackers to home security cameras the aim was to engage with an audience in a fun and informal way via a blog website integrated into the V by Vodafone shop website.  Chapter created a blog website that was needed within a tight deadline that would encourage social engagement across the blog.

The brief

V by Vodafone wanted a blog website that encouraged and facilitated online engagement via the social channels Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The posts would need to be easily searchable and encourage visitors to explore further content on the blog.

The Solution 

We developed and designed a responsive website that showcased the V by Vodafone products in a relaxed and humanised way.  We worked closely with Vodafone to understand their overall strategy and provide a website that would quickly allow the update of information whilst still being image-based. We created a sleek and clean design to highlight the high volume of content that would be generated and showcase the products. We conveyed informal and fun energy whilst still being in line with V by Vodafone’s strict brand policy.


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