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Introducing MOFT

Our next chapter: From digital agency to distributor of an exciting must-have accessory. We haven’t given up our day jobs; far from it – we are as energised as ever to be digital consultants to dynamic brands and businesses in London and beyond. Read our story here …

But we saw an opportunity and we grabbed it! Read on to hear about our new chapter as both a creative digital agency and a distributor of a pioneering product, that’s not been available in the UK – until now. 

You can now purchase your MOFT here.

Mobile office for travelers

Portable, versatile and ergonomic, the MOFT ‘invisible’ laptop stand has already been revolutionising the lives of remote workers in the US & Asia.

Now, the global patented, ultra-lightweight accessory is available in the UK – and with it, an end to slouching-induced pain.

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Light as a Pen, Slim as a coin

You will never be troubled by forgetting to take a laptop stand when going out. MOFT acts as a natural appendage of your laptop and comes in a selection of colours to suit your individual style.

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