Working with a marketing agency can be a daunting decision to make for your business. 

You don’t know who you’ll be working with, whether their strategies will yield results, or if you’ll go viral overnight. While taking risks in business can be an essential part of succeeding, it can be scary! We’ve compiled (and busted) 5 common myths about working with a marketing agency:

1. An agency will fix all of your problems

We’re pretty good at what we do, but we’re not fairy godmothers. Whether it’s an eye-catching design on your website or socials that brings in the clicks or some clever copy that makes your audience chuckle, we each have a role that comes together to create something amazing.

If there are internal problems that are causing issues with your marketing (supply chain for products, an unreliable team member, etc.) we might not have visibility or the ability to lend a helping hand. As much as we want you to succeed, we’ll only be able to do what we can within our scope!

2. Your work is done once the agency takes over

You sign out of the kick-off meeting buzzing with excitement at what’s coming. You lean back in your chair and think that’s it – they’ll do the rest. Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case. We can do a lot, but we need you to step up a bit to create a strong relationship and some kick-ass content.

We work with you as much as you work with us. Your time and energy adding input, approving designs and joining those boring weekly status update calls really helps us keep in line with your vision and timelines.

3. Bigger is better

Some agencies seem to have never-ending teams of people – so much so that you never feel like you’re getting an email back from the same person twice! It might leave you feeling like you don’t have a main point of contact or don’t feel connected to your team. If there are so many faces and names making your head spin, you might be better suited to a smaller agency.

Relationships matter. Smaller agencies can be more hands-on with you and your passion, and you’re more of a priority! We’re picky with the clients we choose because we want to work with the people who align with us, and because a smaller agency may have a smaller book of clients they really love, you’ll always be one at the top of the list.

4. Marketing agencies are too expensive

We’ll make sure we’re transparent with every line item from your proposal to timesheets. While some campaigns and projects require more hands on deck and niche expertise (that may cost more money), we’ll always try our best to work with you to bring your vision to life.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and chat! We love meeting new people and learning about what you do and what you love. If money’s holding you back, we’ll work together to come up with a plan that works for both of us.

5. You’ll lose all control

We’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing brands that are major passion projects. When you pour that much time, energy and money into something you love, it can be hard to hand over the reins to a new person (or team of people). But don’t worry – other than being just an email away, we also want to keep you involved.

You have final say in how your brand looks and feels, how you’re portrayed online and what we post on your socials. We’ll never do anything unexpected and we always offer transparency. If you ever have a question or concern – reach out to us! That’s what we’re here for.

Working with an agency can be an amazing partnership. Especially with smaller, boutique agencies, who offer bespoke plans for you to make the most impact. We’ll get on the phone with you weekly to keep you updated on progress, offer suggestions and feedback whenever we can and always let you lead the way. We’re here to work with you, not take over and keep you totally in the dark. 

Get in touch with us here! We love meeting new people and learning about your ideas. So whether you want to work with us or just have a chat, we’d love to hear from you.