You’ve found it! Some of our favourite brands and people in the beauty and wellness industry. Read their stories and fall in love with their brands, trust me, it won’t be too hard.


Looking to make your time of the month a bit easier on your mental health? You’ve got to check out Ohne, the brand that sends organic tampons right to your door. They have also created a safe online community for women to share stories, tips, and questions. 


The ultimate wellness app and everything you need to get on top of your mental health. From yoga classes, podcasts, and spiritual and philosophical resources, Esvedra has something for everyone.


Many of us don’t realise how difficult it can be to find haircare that is specific to our hair type. Nancy Twine was having this issue, and it inspired her to make a change in the haircare industry.


Finally, a supplement you can trust! Heights is the brain food you’ve been waiting for, but you’ll love their story even more. Inspiring and motivational, it might be that final kick you need to get your business idea up and running.

Mental Health in the Workplace with Andy Wright

Let’s normalise mental health in the workplace, and we can start by simply talking about it. Check out this piece with Andy Wright from Streamtime, and how he’s trying to make mental health in the workplace a bit less taboo.

Ciao CBD

Looking to start introducing CBD into your lifestyle? There are so many benefits, but also so many things to know! Check out this interview with Suze Johnson-Smith, she’ll give you the run-down.

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