We’re pretty obsessed with our furry family members at Chapter. This National Pet Day, we wanted to do a roundup of the most innovative Pet Tech companies around town. They’re paving the way for the future of pet care, sitting, security, and joy.


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Butternut Box

Personalised nutrition… but for your beloved pet. Why should humans have all the fun? Butternut Box embodies prioritising pet health just as you would for your own children. Their algorithm uses your pet’s breed, weight and activity to select the right portion of fresh, human-grade food, boosted with all the right vitamins and nutrients. They even make their team taste-test it, so it’s genuinely pet owner approved. Plus your pet gets a full menu of options, including chicken, beef, lamb, fish, pork and turkey And just when you may be suspicious of computers deciding your dog’s food, you can always call or message their in-house nutritionists and vets to talk more about your plan to make sure you and your pet are getting exactly what’s needed. 

Vodafone Curve

Looking all over for a smart GPS tracker that ticks all your boxes? Curve offers the most affordable pet-friendly GPS tracker around at just £20 for the device. Its subscription service costs anywhere from £2-3 pounds depending on how long you commit to the service, that’s sacrificing 1 takeaway coffee a month. The Curve app lets you create personalised alerts and zones, so you can map out your property perimeter for your little Houdini or your favourite park to make sure they stay nearby. The device can be attached to your pet’s collar and the battery lasts up to 7 days. Besides tracking your pet around your own neighbourhood, Curve makes keeping track of your pet easy when it comes to travelling. If your dog escapes through an opened door, finds a hole in your Airbnb yard fence or just chases after deer on your hike, Curve can help you track them down.


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When it comes to our fur babies, we’re always trying to stay in touch with their happiness and health. There’s nothing worse than sensing something off with your pet. Over worrying can lead to no medical findings or minor solutions but you still come home with an unnecessary bill. That’s where FirstVet comes to the rescue. Whether you’re camping on a mountain or at home, put your worries to rest with your smartphone, a wifi or data connection and a qualified vet via a face-to-face call. 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, you can chat through symptoms, advice, and referrals to your nearest vet if need be. It’s perfect for when you’re unsure of whether your pet’s issue is urgent enough to warrant a trip to the vet. Plus, if you’re on pet insurance through one of their many partners, each call is free!


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Whether you’re away from home or just at work, Rover has services for everyone. In just a few clicks, your pet can benefit from boarding, house sitting, drop-in visits, doggy daycare or dog walking. Their website and app lead you to the world’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers. Knowing they’re trusted in the US, Netherlands, Canada, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Spain, France and Italy makes the prospect of travelling with your fur-child more exciting knowing you can get assistance for a night you want to head out for dinner. For the day-to-day, Rover gives you peace of mind that your pet is safe and not lonely without you around. Rover offers identity verification, verified reviews, booking protections, 24/7 support, secure payments, photo updates, ongoing sitter education, trust and safety experts. In a nutshell, they curate good people for pets around the world. 


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Feeling sad that your dog can’t go with you everywhere? We feel you. Furbo helps your itch to check in on your pet and show them how much you love them. The device allows you to toss treats at your pet (and has a nifty treat count feature for the calorie counters and when multiple users are checking in!) It also gives you a sense of security knowing you can check in on them to make sure they’re safe and sound. Furbo alerts you when your pup is barking in real-time or when they’re right in front of the camera. Smart alerts let you know when your dog is active and you can use the 2-way audio feature to talk to your pet, whether you want to calm them down, tell them they’re a good doggo, ask what’s up or even let them know you’re coming home soon.