We all have valueswords that inspire and guide us through both work and life. For Chapter, our values are the compass for our business. They guide each and every project we work on, and how we communicate with clients and the rest of the world. We hold our values very high and we are always finding new ways to incorporate them into our daily routines. Here are our values… maybe we have some in common.


What a way to start. Being brave is what has helped Chapter grow as a business. Taking that leap of faith or trying things that may or may not work are factors in growth and lessons. At Chapter, we push the boundaries and strive to try something new every day to better ourselves, but especially our clients. We love working with brands who are willing to jump out of their comfort zone and try something different (with our guidance, of course!). Our work portfolio is diverse, and we plan to maintain that type of collection.


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Nimble is a word you may not hear too often. By definition, ‘nimble’ is “quick and light in movement or action; agile”. You may be wondering how a company can call itself ‘nimble’, but let me explain how we live up to that at Chapter: we strive to stay relevant. We are constantly researching and reading and learning more. We are agile and flexible to the rapid changes that occur in the marketing industry, and we do so in a calm manner. See? Quick and light. Between our updated blog posts about marketing metrics, branding design, pay-per-click or Google Analytics, and our socials all updated with new founder stories and tips to help you, we find nimble as a great way to describe ourselves.



Curiosity may have killed the cat… but satisfaction brought it back, right? At Chapter, we make sure to ask (and answer!) all the questions so nothing is left out. We have to ensure we’re on the same page as our clients before moving forward with our projects. The Chapter Team sets ambitious, yet realistic, goals and is constantly asking, ‘what’s next?’ and ‘what else can we do for you?’. Curiosity is what inspires us to ask all the right questions to get exactly what we need from you, in order to figure out how we can help you the most.


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With everything we do, we want to have a positive impact on our clients, their audience, and the world in general. Finding a way to create that sort of impact is what drives us to produce the best work possible. When you work with Chapter, you’ll find that we’re more than just what’s on paper. We want to create genuine connections with our clients and we measure our success by the impact we have on each project. 


We value togetherness because it’s quite literally the glue that holds the Chapter Team and our clients together. It’s interesting, actually: we used to say that collaboration was one of our values. We quickly realized that while being collaborative is essential in our business, togetherness is what’s most important. Working closely and happily, whether internal or external, is what makes our work the best it can be. Chapter also ensures to take time for mental health in the workplace and is gentle with their team and clients. This type of empathy is what brings us together.


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We leave growth for last because, in order to achieve it, we need the rest of our valuesbrave, nimble, togetherness, curious, and impact. In order to grow, we need to be asking questions, pushing boundaries, working together, and doing work with a purpose. As much as we want to grow Chapter as an agency for SMEs, our ultimate goal is to help you grow your business.

Do you share some of our values? Feel free to inquire, obligation-free, and let’s chat about potential projects. We’re looking forward to starting your next chapter with you!