As a startup and an agency that works especially with small-to-medium-sized businesses, we want to tell the stories of and feature the brands we use and enjoy whenever we get a chance. So for Christmas this year, we have a great list of Christmas gift ideas from smaller brands that we love for all different people in your life.


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ThatCounts is where we shopped for our Chapter Team this year, and everybody absolutely adored it. ThatCounts is a woman-owned business based in Southeast London that sells curated gift boxes for (literally) any occasion. We got their 24 Days of Gifting Advent Calendar, but there are boxes for men and women, and you can even customise your box for someone special.

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Dirtea Boxset

Tried and true, we know you’ve heard us talk about them before. We’re absolute mushroom fanatics over here. Their mushroom tea and coffees are a staple in our office, they make us feel great & taste good too. They’ve got all the mushroom powders you’d need to help with virtually anything—from focus, digestion, energy, sleep and so much more. If you’re not convinced, we featured them in our blog a couple weeks back. Check it out.

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MOFT Laptop stand

Our absolute favourite. This laptop stand (and the rest of MOFT’s product line) has honestly changed the way we work. Their products have a fold-flat design, making it absolutely perfect for travelling or going back and forth from the office every day or week. The laptop stand in particular sticks to the bottom of your laptop with strong but removable glue, so you’ll never forget it. It truly does “stick” with you…

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Oura Ring

This little ring, yes the kind you wear on your finger, can do more than you have probably ever imagined. Heart rate monitoring, personalised health insights and sleep analysis are only a few of the ways it can help you improve your health. After taking that all into account, this ring tells you, with a score out of 100, how ready you are to take on the day. That way, you know whether to push yourself or take it easy. Though some of the features won’t be available until early 2022, it’s best to get your hands on it now.

Christian Lacroix Backgammon

Some of the best times I’ve had with my family are game nights. We break out and dust off all the boardgames from our childhood and spend a few hours around the dining table, playing games and feeling all the nostalgia of the past holidays. This backgammon board from Amara is not only beautiful but will be a reason for your family to spend a little time together, tech-free.

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Horizn Studios Luggage

You won’t find a nicer set of luggage anywhere but Horizn. Their smart luggages has everything you need for a smooth journey. Their suitcases come in two different styles, Essential or Smart, and while on the more expensive side, it’s well worth the investment. All their products are sustainably made with recycled and vegan materials, and they ship carbon neutrally with eco-friendly packaging.


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PowerPlate Pulse Handheld Massager

For the athletes in your circle, check out PowerPlate’s pulse massager. This deep-tissue massager might make them hate you, but in the best way. Not only will this massager help work out knots, with regular use it will also enhance your range of motion, decrease the time needed to warm up and cool down, reduce pain and promote blood flow. If their handheld massager isn’t on your list, take a look at their other products and services like their workout programs and videos.

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Spy Game Experience for 7 People

Sometimes some people just don’t need more stuff. For those ones, try something new this year and gift them an experience. And this one, a real-life spy experience. This adventure will have you off with 7 friends cracking clues all around London. It’s perfect for that one sunny day we get every once in a while… in other words, it’ll give you something to look forward to.


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Insulated Wine Bottle

A water bottle that not only fits a whole bottle of wine, but one that’s actually meant for it? Count. Us. In. Though you may not find use for this (at least in London) for a couple more months, this insulated wine bottle is perfect for travelling & all those picnics you’ll have during the spring and summer. Their colour selection is just to die for, too.


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Skincare Fridge

Skincare is truly worth investing in, and it’s important to start early. You may have seen these tiny fridges around on Instagram or Tiktok. They fit right onto your bathroom counter or makeup desk and store any creams, oils, rollers, face masks or other skincare products you might use. The feeling of a cool serum on your face after a warm shower is just divine, not to mention the benefits it has on your skin.

There you have it, a comprehensive list that can cover nearly anybody on your shopping list. If you’re looking for gifts for the techies in your life, check out this blog from MOFT.