Kick back with our favourite @TED Talks about creativity. They’ll bring out your inner artist, even if you deny the idea that you really are creative.


Embrace the Near Win – Sarah Lewis

We spend a lot of our lives chasing perfection, but this talk considers near-failures or near-wins as drivers for growth and evolution.

You are Fluent in This Language (and you Don’t Even Know it) – Christoph Niemann

An Illustrator’s brilliant take on visual language and how it taps into our emotions and minds without the use of words.


Do Schools Kill Creativity – Sir Ken Robinson

Both entertaining and profoundly moving, this talk makes the case for redesigning the way we educate in order to nurture creativity as opposed to undermining it.


Creative Confidence – David Kelley

Can the same person be creative and practical or are they polar opposites? Discover the power behind environmental shaping of the mind and how it can limit or skyrocket one’s personal understanding of their own capabilities.


Your Elusive Creative Genius – Elizabeth Gilbert

Funny, personal, surprising and moving. Instead of the rarity of being genius, she shares the radical idea that all of us have the trait built in. 


Steal Like an Artist  – Austin Kleon

When stealing becomes a good thing… A manifesto based on the learnings of a budding-turned-global-sellout artist that’s worth your time.


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