Are you a small business owner or you’re looking into your journey as an entrepreneur? We got your backthese design resources will help you make the most of your brand. Learn more about everything from product design to the things you need to know when working with a branding agency (like us!).

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Why Your Business Needs a UX Designer

If you are keen to serve your users the best way possible, it might be time to work with a UX designer. They will help you find pain points in your current product and create a more delightful experience for your users. Find out how.

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Branding Design | What it is and How to Build a Strong Brand

Branding is a lot more than just a logo or a pretty visual—and successful brands make their users feel a certain way. It takes a lot to build a successful brand. However, the process will be less daunting once you take a look at our branding design breakdown.

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Want to Work With a Branding Agency? Here’s What to Ask

Congrats, you are ready to work with a branding agency! In order to prepare before your meeting, check out this guide on some of the best questions to ask. And remember—a good agency will make you feel comfortable asking them!

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The Chapter Way | Learn About Our Process

If you are interested in working with us, here you will find a more in-depth look into our process and how we do things. Find out what exactly are our Chapters and how we go from first sketches to the final product.

Hands and design materialWhat is a Moodboard and How to Create One

Moodboards are a simple yet effective way to get ideas across. They help the whole team stay on the same page and they are easy to create. Check out how to make a moodboard and share it with the team with the help of our suggestions!