We love to feature our favourite founders and startups, but especially the ones who focus on helping other business owners or entrepreneurs. Check out some of our favourite founders who created businesses to aid other businesspeople.

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Online Business Coaching with Fleur Emery

Finding your business in a rut or just need some help getting started? Fleur Emery with RealWork is your solution. She launched her platform, RealWork to inspire women in business, specifically startups. Now, as a business expert, Fleur hosts online business coaching sessions to help her clients grow their passions.

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Andy Wright & Streamtime

Andy Wright is not only the founder of time and budget service, Streamtime, but also an advocate for normalising mental health in the workplace. We’ve interviewed Andy about how he started his business, as well about his thoughts on mental health and how companies can help their employees. 

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Nikky Lyle – A Creative Recruiter with Conscience

Nikky Lyle had always wanted to start her own recruitment business, and after gaining experience in the industry, she did just that. Now, she’s an independent creative recruiter with a hunger for helping small businesses, including Chapter! She was a great resource for us, and we’re sure she can help you as well!

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London Writers’ Salon

Writers’ block is real, a little too real sometimes. Whether you’re a freelance or creative writer, the blocks catch us all, and sometimes it can be hard to get out of that rut. Luckily London Writers’ Salon hosts their Writer’s Hour, a one-hour Zoom call where you can focus with hundreds of writers across the globe, allowing you to have some true quiet time, focus and get that piece done. Read more about it here!

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