She has a way of reeling you in. Her charisma, down-to-earth ease and accessibility instantly disarm you. Her energy and enthusiasm will inspire you. But what you will notice more than anything else is that Fleur Emery, REALWORK founder, start-up expert and speaker, is a powerhouse of knowledge. A business expert. She readily shares it with the world through her online business coaching. 

A serial entrepreneur looking for a change

In her 15 years of industry experience, Fleur founded a few successful food retail businesses and helped numerous entrepreneurs with their start-up journey. In 2020, after years of working and building businesses mostly offline, Fleur launched REALWORK, an online co-working space for women. As a single mother raising a five-year-old daughter, Fleur found her priorities shifting. She wanted to work less and spend more time at home. The need to create a business that fitted the life she wanted, lead her to Instagram. Here she explored and learned about digital spaces and how she could fit into them. 

A business born out of a need for community

Remembering her personal experience as a female entrepreneur and the lack of business support available, Fleur reached out online. She started talking to women and knew she wanted to help them. To create something for them to build their business with the support and collaboration of other female business owners. It was just an idea and didn’t even have a name yet, but the women Fleur talked to embraced it.  The beginnings of REALWORK took shape.  

The beginnings of REALWORK

“REALWORK is for people who have an idea or concept ready to go live and they have some time to engage in it and work on it. It’s an action-based programme and there’s an active community of people who will answer your questions in a really direct and practical way,” Fleur explains, going on to say, “It’s like a tool in your pocket, a business kind of Wikipedia that you can ask questions. People share information and learn together.” 

In a year that saw businesses everywhere struggling or shuttering, Fleur’s experience, enthusiasm and positivity proved critical when founding a membership community during a global pandemic.  

“It felt like all the work that I’ve done for 15 years had been leading up to this point because so many people were bringing questions that I had experience with and I had answers for,” she tells us. “I just found I really loved it… That it really works from day one.”

Expert online business coaching from REALWORK

With over 10,000 followers on Instagram, 40 current REALWORK members and a YouTube channel where she shares her expertise, Fleur’s REALWORK community is growing. It will open up to another intake of new members in April 2021. Members refer to themselves as REALWORKers, regularly commenting and posting about what REALWORK means to them and their business. There is a weekly series called Brain Biscuits where Fleur sits down with a REALWORK member to discuss their business and experiences. There are tips and advice that any entrepreneur can relate to and find useful. Fleur’s personality and expertise is all over REALWORK and she is an active force in the community.  She’s attending and regularly speaking at meetings, and is always on hand to advise members. 

We must all find what we’re good at as business founders

As Fleur tells us, business is different for every person. Why we start a certain business and what we expect to get out of it differs for all of us. The world of business is not, in Fleur’s words, a one size fits all and if you think that or social media tells you that, it’s a trap. Fleur’s  belief is we must all find what we’re good at and enjoy, think about the problem it solves and make sure it fits the life we want to have. That’s exactly the philosophy that’s seen in her online business coaching. What does Fleur think makes a great entrepreneur? Collaboration, vision and enthusiasm. And it’s these qualities that are the fundamental principles of REALWORK.  You can also read about startup business advice here on the Chapter blog.

“In the REALWORK, all women are equal. They’re and their goals and ambitions are treated equally,” says Fleur. “REALWORK’s attracted all kinds of different women business owners and freelancers and everyone has just been really respectful and supportive of each other. It’s just a lovely thing.”

Before we signed off, we asked Fleur what makes a great business idea: “A great business idea is a business that fits the person.” After our chat, we know that REALWORK and its collaborative community really fits Fleur Emery. 

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