At Chapter, we’re self-proclaimed foodies.

From home delivery meal kits to trying that hot new restaurant in central London, we love following the brands that are making the food world tick. Here are some of the founders we admire that have made an impact on the food and drink industry:

Tony’s Chocolonely | Teun Van de Keuken

Your fairtrade chocolate might be far more problematic than you think… Fairtrade unfortunately doesn’t equate to slave-free. But Tony’s is making a difference in that.

ChicP | Hannah McCollum

Ever thought about turning the flavours of your favourite meal into a dip? This is what inspired ChicP, a company that makes the most delicious dips for any occasion.

Nice Drinks | Lucy Wright

Ever wonder where your wine-in-a-can came from? Whose wild (but clever) idea was that? Read about Lucy, the founder of Nice drinks.

Double Dutch | Joyce and Raissa de Haas

It’s getting hot, which means cold drinks are a must! Explore the company offering a range of premium mixers and tonics that are anything but bland.

Lunch on Me | LaRayia Gaston

LaRayia Gaston from Lunch on Me has used her time and resources to help people in need after discovering how much food goes to waste. A movement was sparked and Lunch on Me was born.

Olio | Saasha Celestial-One

6.7 million tonnes of food is wasted each year in the UK. Olio, a mobile app, is helping to combat this food waste. Check out Saasha Celestial-One and Olio!

Banquist | Jonny Inglis and Seb Evans

Foodpreneurs Jonny Inglis and Seb Evans started their foodie vision in the midst of the pandemic. Fine dining meets home delivery service in Banquist, the at-home top-notch chef experience.

Brave | Amber and Seb Fraser

Poor routines and eating habits can take a toll on us. Amber and Seb Fraser started BRAVE in 2017 to “make a change to UK snacking habits.”

If you’re a foodie like us, then we’re sure you’ll find inspiration in these founders. See anything you think we’d like? Let us know! We love to connect with like-minded people to learn new stories. Get in touch with us here for a chat.