Ever wonder where your wine-in-a-can came from? Whose wild (but clever!) idea was that? Meet Lucy, Wright, the founder of Nice drinks.

Scrolling on Instagram one day, Lucy saw an advertisement for wine in a can and traced it back to the US. As the canned wine market grew exponentially there, Lucy noticed a serious gap in the UK market.

In fact, the UK still hadn’t caught on while mini wine bottles continued as the primary packaging of choice. After reflecting, Lucy noted that beer, gin, and other spirits have already made the move to on-the-go drinking in the UK. Why was wine being neglected? The industry had yet to be disrupted and was still quite old-school.

The problem with traditional bottles is that you can’t sip from them on the go without getting a double-take in public. Thus Nice was born! Drink your wine anywhere without getting those looks.

Lucy felt extremely passionate about this venture, and after doing her homework, finding out more about the wine market in England, she put her savings into it and launched the company.

Nice now offers a Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, and Malbec, perfect for all your wine needs, whenever you need them. Find their products in thousands of stores across the UK, or find something nice on their website (pun intended).

Some may say we’re food-motivated, but we’ll come clean to being fully founder-motivated. For more content relating to food and drink, click here.