Do you like to stay on trend with every new gadget that comes your way? It comes as no surprise that our team at Made by Chapter are gadget geeks. From keeping an eye on new iPhone releases to having our files safe on external hard drives and relieving a ‘’tech neck’’ with laptop stands, we love being in the know of cool tech.

Here are some of the things you should check out if you, like us, are into all things gadgety: 


Ember Mug

If you ever make your first morning brew before realising you need to pop into the shower or do laundry, the Ember mug will be your best friend. It will keep your coffee at the perfect temperature, even long after you make it. And the best thing is – you can set a whole lot of preferences right in the Ember smartphone app. Mornings will never feel the same again!


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Fall, just our cup of tea 🍂⁠

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Wacom Intuos

For all of you creative geeks out there who are now thinking of switching from the trusty mouse to a drawing pad, look no further than the Wacom Intuos gadget. It comes into a few different sizes and works for both Mac and PC. Say goodbye to wrist pain from over-using a mouse and create your artwork on one of the lightweight and versatile Intuos.



Apple Watch

The first Apple Watch got released all the way back in 2015 (it’s been a hot second) and it keeps on getting better with every new release. Should you get yourself a nifty Apple Watch and what can you do with it? If you are a workout aficionado, you would probably enjoy its workout-tracking, heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring features – all with options to make calls and receive messages. And have we mentioned Siri can remind you of what’s on your to-do list, calendar and text your mate?


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Graphite Series 6 From @nvzion

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MOFT laptop stand

Whether you’re working from home or still at the office, one thing is for certain: we spend a lot of time in front of our screens every day. The question is: how can we make it easier for ourselves? Besides getting up and stretching every so often and making sure we stay hydrated, a MOFT laptop stand will help you with posture. No more crouching and slouching over the screen – the MOFT stand is lightweight and super compact so you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Google Nest Hub

This beautiful piece of tech is helping us every day in a lot of different ways: from teaching us how to cook, streaming our favourite Youtube channels, showing us reminders and also keeping our homes safer with compatibility with home security systems such as Nest camera. Another great gadget feature is personalized notifications so you can get all the latest news delivered just for you when you typically want it.

LaCie Rugged SSD

The problem with external hard disks is how to keep the data safe and secure. LaCie is our go-to HDD gadget because you can take it anywhere with you without the fear of losing data. It is a favourite among many photographers, videographers and designers alike. Its sturdy case protection means you can rely on it to keep all of your files secure even in the harsh weather.


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Rugged has your back–whether you’re recording podcasts 🎙, shooting video 🎬, or editing photos 📷! 📸: @youngbrokemusicianspod

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MOFT smartphone stand

Video calls are the new phone calls! And you can use a smartphone stand to make those calls go as smooth as possible. This incredible MOFT smartphone stand fits both iPhones and Androids alike and it is incredibly light and versatile. Say goodbye to chunky stands that take a lot of space – MOFT is super thin so it will fit even chock-full purses. You can even put your credit, ID and travel card inside the MOFT wallet feature so they are always with you. There is also a magnet that you receive with your MOFT so you can attach your phone everywhere – from listening to music while you’re in the tub to following recipe instructions as you’re cooking. 

Have any favourite gadgets you can’t live without? We want to know! Send us a message here or on our social media. If you’re enjoying Stories by Chapter, check out our Instagram to keep up with the latest in story telling, sharing and creation!