How Businesses Can Get Started on TikTok 

Getting started on a new platform can be quite intimidating, especially when there’s so much pressure to commit to the trends that come with it. TikTok has skyrocketed to become one of the most popular social media apps today, and it’s the ideal platform to get people to see your content and engage with your audience. 

The first element to consider when thinking about launching your business’s TikTok account is whether your audience is there. If so, what type of account makes the most sense for your content? This was something we really struggled with at first, there was nothing online that made it easy to understand and compare the differences between types of TikTok accounts.

So, of course, we made our own. Every feature that TikTok offers from analytics to music (which were the two most important features for us) is listed here on this easy-to-read chart. 

What we’ve learned so far 

This whole process has been an experimental learning opportunity, and we’re excited to share what we’ve found so far. Our TikTok journey has evolved quite a bit over time. Here’s what we have to share.

Having Two Accounts and Music Rights

Before we learned about the differences between the three accounts that TikTok offered, we decided to create two accounts for our in-house brand, Made by Moft – one Business and one Personal (unfortunately we weren’t aware of the mutual benefits of the Creator account at the time). We had two accounts because with a business account, you get analytics and a link in bio, but you have very very limited access to music. With a personal account, you have access to all music and sounds, but no analytics and no link in bio. We talked for quite some time about which direction we should go, until we concluded two accounts were the best option at the time so that we could test and learn. 

Back to the music issue- a Business account only has access to what TikTok calls “Commercial Sounds,” which are those that are verified by the app. This means that if there is a trending sound that another user made, the Business account cannot use it. This is extremely limiting to an account like ours where our plan was to keep up with and follow trends and make them fit into the MOFT account.

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Reposting to Instagram

Ideally, you’d be able to take your TikTok content and post the same videos to Instagram Reels, IGTV, or even feed. Guess what? We ran into issues here as well… Told you, it’s complicated! 

When Reels came out, many people were (and still are) posting their TikToks directly to IG Reels with the TikTok watermark still there. The Instagram algorithm, however, doesn’t actively promote these videos in the feed as they want users to create Reels on Instagram, instead of reposting. 

There are a few concerns that come up with reposting, besides Instagram not being a fan. First is timing. Instagram only allows 30 seconds for Reels, and a minimum of one minute for IGTV… so what are we supposed to do with those 45-second videos? One time we posted it to our feed because it fit in well with the rest of our content. In other cases, we looked into extending a 50-second video with an intro or outro including our logo and maybe some credits. There are ways around this, you just have to play around. 

If you really want to repost to IG Reels, and your video length allows for it, you can do so without the TikTok watermark a few different ways, but there’s a catch. We’ve been screen recording our TikToks before posting them to get the video, voiceovers, and music without the watermark, and it works quite well- it just requires a bit of cropping. The only issue is that you lose the music tag, which could result in some copyright issues if you then post that video to Reels. We mostly use this option as a way to share the video internally. Another workaround includes saving the TikTok watermarked video after posting, lifting the audio from there, and pasting it onto your screen recording.

Tips and Tricks for Businesses on TikTok

We’re still quite new to the game- we didn’t post our first video for MOFT until February 25, and we still have quite a bit to learn and test for ourselves. It’s also important to keep in mind that not every business is going to want to or be able to operate their TikTok in the same way. However, there are some tips that are fairly broad and can help any account. Creating a hashtag challenge is a really great way for people to get to know your brand, but in general, many brands can thrive on TikTok with some really cool, fun, and creative content. I mean, that’s what it’s all about!