Unless your head is firmly lodged under a rock, you’ll have noticed Instagram Reels popping up on your feed and that they look rather similar to TikTok. The new features were rolled out in August around the same time we found out that the US Government was interested in the ban (or sale for US ownership) of TikTok.

Instagram Reels allows users to shoot video and then add filters and music from its library directly on the Instagram app. TikTok allows videos of up to 60 seconds while Instagram Reels will have a video limit of 15 seconds.

Not surprisingly, many brands and creators alike jumped on it as soon as it launched and tried using it in different ways to promote their products, services and persona. As we know from our recent interview with Social Media expert, Elle Bracher, using the new Instagram feature will position your content favourably when it comes to the algorithm. Your Reels content will be given reach priority and will be shown to users on their Explore page based on similar interests and themes. 

While TikTok garners a Gen Z audience, Reels is worth considering for its audience is more diverse in age, making it appealing even if you had already written off TikTok due to audience age limitations.

How to create an Instagram Reels post

Using Instagram Reels is super easy. You just tap on the Story button and swipe to Reels at the bottom.

Timer – this is convenient for placing your phone on a tripod or against the wall and having enough time to get in front of it before you start recording. You can set the timer to 5, 10 or 15 seconds.

Music Sync – You can record the video while playing music instead of playing guessing games trying to match later. Or, if you aren’t worried about syncing your video to the music, go ahead and record as usual and add music afterwards.

Effects – Add effects while recording – these effects can add sparkles to your video or just act as a visual filter you’re used to seeing on Stories. 

Filters – Colour-correction filters are available only once you have your video already recorded

Cover – Add a cover from the Camera Roll – This is a great feature because you can add your custom cover which will fit nicely in your feed. Voila!

If you are a brand, SME or creative looking to pump up your Instagram game, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We have done our research for fresh Reels content that has been getting a lot of eyeballs and we are sure it will help you get those creative juices flowing. 

Let’s see how they do it!

Brand and In-House Themed Instagram Reels


Here is a selection of great Instagram Reels content which you can make in-house as a brand.







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#LVCruise Playing games at the #LouisVuitton studio. Music: Goliath by @woodkidmusic

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👀👀👀 what are they looking at – wrong answers only

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Take a look inside our first Soho Home showroom, which opened its doors this week in The Woodshed at Soho Farmhouse ✨ #SohoHome

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Fitness & Wellness



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Spinning around @karebearsk8 #iamasweatybetty #iceskating #figureskating #iceskatingfun #figureskatinglife

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User Generated Themed Instagram Reels

Repeat after me: repurpose and reshare. Whether you get your team on board to help create user-generated content or you find your audience already creating amazing content worth a repost on Instagram Reels, here’s what to aim or look for! 

Skincare & Other Products


Showing product textures, benefits, tutorials and in-action use is a great way to use Instagram Reels.


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I love experimenting with makeup and doing fun looks but the best part is melting it all off with a cleansing balm. [ AD ] NEW❗️@belifusa Aqua Bomb Cleansing Balm ($34 USD) 💦 What is it? A gentle balm ➡️ cream ➡️ oil cleanser that removes all traces of makeup. 💦Key Ingredients: Lotus Flower: Cleanses dirt and provides radiance. Marshmallow Root: Protects and moisturizes skin. Lady‘s Mantle: Provides antioxidants and pore-minimizing effects. Fragrance Free! 💦How to use: Step 1: Scoop out a generous amount. Step 2: Massage the balm onto dry skin until the creamy texture turns into an oil. Step 3: Add a little bit of water for the oil to emulsify (the oil will turn into a milky texture) and massage in opposite direction of skin texture (counterclockwise) for a deeper cleanse. Step 4: Rinse with water and follow up with a gel cleanser! 💦Thoughts: I have been using the Aqua balm as a first step to take off my makeup because the fuss free formula emulsifies with water and takes off all the makeup without leaving any greasy residue. It leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed without drying out my dry/dehydrated skin. The fragrance free formula is also safe to use around the eyes and it doesn’t sting or cause any irritation! ⭐️ Belif Aqua Balm is now available @Sephora! ⭐️ #alwaysaqua #belifbff

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Fitness & Wellness


Mix fitness and music to inspire others to get involved.


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HIIT THE BEAT! ⚡️A little #fitness challenge for you guys! Have fun, move your #body and enjoy! @eliaflexpt 🥰

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Don’t forget, honest and funny content will take you a long way and keep your community coming back for more!


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⁣ Vibrations 💫⁣ ⁣ Focus on what makes you feel good and ya shall find (attract) just that which makes you feel good. Does this sound familiar? Some call it the law of attraction. ⁣ ⁣ So, why is it that when shi* is going down, shiiiiii* is going down?!? & vice versa, when our energy and vibrations are high, opportunities are presenting themselves and everyone around us is smiling!! Truth is quarantine has got everyones vibrations up and down. ⁣ ⁣ Today, I chose to stop hating myself for being in a glass case of emotions and I started loving my body again for always protecting me. I PUSHED IT REAL GOOD TODAY & I can only hope this dorky video gives you a smile or reminder that life is just too damn short to not live an awesome life, sweat out the bull, smile and love as much as you can. ⁣ ⁣ Thank you @triyofitness & @goclove 👟 for pushing me today.

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Utilising POV perspectives or scenes and settings are also highly popular on Instagram Reels.


Here is a great example of a how-to created for a food product.


Looking for less product, more service provider examples and wondering how Instagram Reels can work for you? Get your face out there and share your personality plus micro-blog style content which previews your expertise.

Check out this Digital Coach’s Reels post about running a business!


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⚡️ THREE INVESTMENTS EVERY GROWING BUSINESS SHOULD MAKE ⚡️ You want to level up in business and start selling on Stories? Here’s what has helped me: 1️⃣ Investing in your mindset. 🧠 When you think about how many hours you spend scrolling on the ‘gram, there’s ALWAYS time for reading. Start with 10 mins and build it up over time. 2️⃣ Investing in technology. This is a no-brainer for me. Save time and buy the best tech (Apple all the way 😉) 3️⃣ Investing in a professional photographer & branding expert. I’m OVERDUE for a refresh on my branding & photography, however, early days? These investments paid off ten fold! Not investing in your branding & photography is one of the biggest mistakes you could make 🙈 💬 So! Let’s hear about your biggest investments for growth 👇 AND shoutout your favourite branding experts, graphic designers & photographers for those who are looking for one! 😉 K, go!

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More Reels Tips 

Idea generate for Instagram Reels with some of these themes:

  • Showing the features and benefits within the creative, use stickers and text in the asset to achieve this.
  • Routines. The act of following someone on social media is definitely similar to being a fly on the wall within a virtual community you’ve never met in real life. Consider opening a window to yourself or your brand and let people get a sneak peek when it comes to a day in the life or your own ‘behind the scenes’.
  • How to or hacks draw people in. If your product is difficult to understand but can really improve an aspect of someone’s life, make sure you utilise Reels to show how it works in a clear way. Also, think about filming how-tos and hacks within relevant contexts and settings too.
  • Create humorous content which plays on your product/service while making people want to subscribe for funny, yet clever, content.


This is a brilliant example of a creative how-to.

Parent Content? Check this one out…


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Walking into the weekend after a long few weeks of 2nd and 4th grade online learning. Happy Friday 🥂 #momlife

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Fashion – but with a twist… Try mixing pop culture with styling.


There’s potential for appealing scenes and funny content when it comes to homeware.


We know the realm of Instagram Reels may be new for you, but our biggest piece of advice is to not let that hold you back from creating content now. Now is the time to experiment and leave behind your OCD need for perfection and high production content. All you need to get started is a brainstorm session and your phone. Get out there, play, create, laugh and grow your reach to new users by taking advantage of this new feature. You won’t regret it!

Get in touch with us if you have any questions on your mind, we’d love to hear them! If you’re still stumped on where or how to get started, we can talk about ways Chapter can help make Reels can work for you.