Optimizing your Instagram doesn’t require boatloads of money or time. We know social networks can seem complicated,  here’s what you can do to make an Instagram strategy part of your marketing plan and ultimately help your small business reach its goals. 

Batch create content as part of a social media strategy

dashboard image of the Instagram scheduling app 'Later', small business

Want our best tip? (seriously, this is key)

Make sure that you post on Instagram with consistency. When trying to show up in your target audience’s Instagram feed, having a posting schedule will help you gain priority in the algorithm as a dedicated content producer. Although creating content sounds time consuming for a small business owner, look beyond spending a chunk of time on individual posts every day. Instead, block out a larger period of time where you can commit to creating visual content, writing copy and scheduling all in one go. You’ll find that you’ll improve your calls to action, fine tune your copy and even come up with future ideas along the way. More importantly, use tools to support your social media strategy. Once you’ve laid out your content in advance, use a scheduling platform, such as Later, to schedule it all with ease. Don’t forget to use the visual planner to see what your future grid will look like!

image of the Instagram online tool 'Later' whilst Instagram hashtags are researched for small business

Hashtags tailored to find business opportunities

Simply throwing a bunch of hashtags into the ether and seeing nothing bite back? 

It’s like fishing with bait your audience isn’t keen for. For your Instagram strategy, think of hashtags like we do SEO. They’re keywords, and we must imagine the way our audience may be looking for us. For example, say you’re a wedding photographer and you decide to use some creative photography hashtags. Although these may be popular, they may only be connecting you to other photographers on Instagram. Try connecting with your clients instead by using hashtags geared towards what they’re looking at on Instagram, like #weddinginspiration and #engaged. Once you pivot the direction of your hashtags, use Later’s hashtag suggestions feature to dig even deeper and find other hashtags that reach similar communities.

'Laters' Instagram analytics feature for small business

Analytics for Instagram insights

Putting in the work but not looking back at it? 

It’s like getting a bunch of valuable advice and throwing it in the bin. You can gain learnings from your analytics that will help you answer the “what types of content does my audience like?” question. Instagram users essentially vote for the content they love every day, whether it be the Instagram story they watch or the likes and comments they give. Find out which photos and videos receive the best engagement and perform best on Later’s Analytics feature. You can even see how well your hashtags are doing which is great if you’re testing out some branded hashtags. Further, you can learn when most of your audience is online to find your optimal time to post. 

With these top tips and the help of Later, you can make analytics, batched content and hashtags a part of your Instagram strategy as a small business. All it takes is a bit of planning, changing the way you think about hashtags and getting on board with a great Instagram scheduler like Later so that you can create the content your audience loves while connecting with your ideal customers.


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