New features are the key to the algorithm’s heart, lock yourself into a favourable position in your user’s feeds by getting stuck in with the latest tools and features as soon as you can. Plus, the objective of any new feature is to improve the user experience and continue to deliver content your audience is looking for. So let’s get started!

Wild Refill Deodorant Interview

What are Instagram Guides?

Think of them as a curators dream come true. You can craft a collection of posts that all fall within the same concept, keyword, or content pillar! This is a win because when your users are looking for specific tips or posts, Guides cut out the endless scrolling on your feed. This is great news for us as an agency as it enables us to deliver all our favourite tips by specific categories. Guides are also perfect for the direct-to-consumer brand wanting to curate sections per product, or for the travel influencer who wants to share all their Italian content in one place! The best part is that you can add a title and description to the posts you add into Guides (separate from the caption of the original post.)

If you’re looking for Instagram Guides on a person or brand’s profile, look for the new Guides icon on the tab next to the Grid and Tagged icon and the IGTV or Reels icons if they’ve taken advantage of those features too. But as the feature is new, you may have to explore a few accounts before you find them. A great account to see examples of Guides is Refinery 29.

Instagram Guides ExampleHow to make your first Instagram Guide

On your profile page in the Instagram app, tap the plus icon (+) in the top-right or left corner (depending on your country and account-type) and then press “Guide”. You’ll be given a choice of three different Guide styles; places, products and posts. Here are some great ways you can use them:


Tag all your favourite restaurants, cafes or shops, from your hometown to your most recent trip to Copenhagen. Or you can creatively twist the feature to curate your favourite cultural spots, including monuments, museums, and attractions. Sounds like the perfect opportunity to make a ‘Christmas in London’ edit.


Recommend the products you love most or create a gift guide to inspire your community. For example, you can share all your favourite tools for living sustainably or where you like to buy your makeup and skincare. This feature is built with Instagram’s shopping feature, making it easy for your community to shop in-app. This is also a perfect opportunity to broaden influencer opportunities and applications, but make sure your products are Instagram shoppable before you look to add this to your influencer strategy. 


If you’re like us and share loads of inspiring and actionable content on Instagram, creating guides for your posts that all fall within a niche category is a great way to get started with guides. For example, we have an exciting interview series running where we talk to inspiring founders and figures with great advice. You can preview all the interviews we’ve conducted under our Interviews Guide. Use this format to tell a compelling story and deliver concentrated advice. 

Can you share other people’s Instagram Guides?

YES. We’re glad you asked, because this is a great way to engage with your community or signal to people you’re keen to collaborate with. You can also share directly to a friend or colleague in a DM or with a link to the Guide itself if you’d prefer to share via email or text. To share on Instagram via Stories or DM, go to the Guide and press the paper airplane icon, then select your Story or a recipient. If sharing on Stories, don’t forget to tag the creator as well! To share via link, open the Guide and select the three dots in the top-right corner, tap ‘Share to….’ or ‘Copy link’ and send away!

How do I share my Guides with my community?

Hop onto your latest Guide and start promoting it by sharing it to your own Stories. Because all your followers aren’t likely to be on Instagram on the same day, make sure you stagger a few slots throughout the week to make sure you get segments of your followers to see the update. And with all things algorithm-related, if people are enjoying your guide, there’s a chance your guide could show up on people’s Instagram Explore Page. Otherwise, people can also find your guide by going directly to your profile.


As you can see, the possibilities of Guides are endless. It makes us excited to see how the feature can be used as a place for categories, similar to a blog or website. This further makes Instagram a place people spend more time, cutting out the need for your community to leave the app in order to find the information they’re looking for. Although we’re always using Instagram as a source for driving web traffic, this ultimately makes the user experience more seamless with less friction, so we’re here for it!