Instagram has been making quite a few changes as of late, and although difficult, it’s crucial to keep up in order to maintain relevance for your brand. These changes, or additions, rather, are stirring up a lot of excitement in the social media world, so I’m excited to share them with you. And as a special treat (I’m in the holiday spirit, okay?) I’ll also give you some ideas about how to use these new Instagram features for your business.

Link Sticker is Available for Everyone!

This is one I’m personally most excited about. Prior to the implementation of this IG Story sticker, only accounts with over 10,000 followers were able to attach a link to their story, and there was no sticker option at all, only a “Swipe Up” option. Smaller businesses were really missing out because of this. Followers who are directed to a bio for a link are not likely to actually follow through, however with a link right in your story, they’re bound to click it.

How to Use the IG Link Sticker for Your Business

Add tracked links to your story. 

See how to build UTM links and track them through Google Analytics, then add them to your story to measure engagement.

It’s all about placement.

Enlarge the sticker, rotate it 90º and place it along the right edge of your story, so when users go to click the next story, they click on your link… cheeky, I know.

Where should I link?

New blogs, sale or discount pages, “contact us” page, affiliate links… There is so much we can do here.

Add Yours

The “Add Yours” feature allows you to create a public thread in stories that other users can add to. The sticker is interactive and a great way for brands to engage with their community. You can even see all accounts that have used that chain, making it the perfect way to engage further with your audience. They can see who started the chain, too! Perfect for when the chain goes further than your own following. There are two ways to use it: Create and Participate. To create an “Add Yours” sticker, simply create a story, press the sticker button and select “Add Yours”. To participate in another account’s chain, simply click on the sticker in their story and add it to your story. 

How to Use “Add Yours” for your Business

For a sale

Add a sticker that says, “What I got from the [insert business name] sale” then lead your community to share their purchases.

To lead a campaign

This could be for anything. Whether you’re introducing a new business segment or campaigning for a certain holiday, this sticker can be great for traction—the more users that share it to their story, the more people it will reach.

Deeper Audience Insights

Instagram added more insights so you’re able to better measure how your audience is engaging with your content. They’ve added ‘accounts engaged’ and ‘engaged audience’. Yeah, I know, what do these mean? I got you.

‘Accounts engaged’ is the total number of accounts that have interacted with your content (feed, reels, stories, videos, etc) over a given period of time. ‘Engaged audience’ is how much of your current audience (followers) are engaging with your content. Is most of your content reaching followers or non-followers? The answer to this question can shape your Instagram strategy

Instagram is now also showing demographics like top cities, countries, age-range and gender so you can better understand who is seeing your content and tailor it as needed.

What are you waiting for?! Head over to Instagram to play around with these new features, and let us know what you think. 

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