Every business in existence started somewhere. From Apple to Amazon to household names like Twinings, they all started with an idea. So why is yours any different? 

We’ve compiled a list of our stories on Startups & Entrepreneurship to help fuel your creativity. Let these stories inspire, teach, and drive you forward on your journey. Need any more tips or tricks? Get in touch with us for a chat!

woman locking away from camera Representing lockdown

Quarantine as a Wake-up Call | Less Anxiety More Confidence

How can you plan when you don’t know what tomorrow brings? Our founder, Gabby, shares an insight into how lockdown changed her and how she harnessed the power of unpredictability.

Running a business

What Running Has Taught Me About Running My Business

People always say exercise helps, but hearing firsthand how it can help is incredibly motivating. Read about how our founder, Gabby, went from hating running to standing on top of Kilimanjaro having an epiphany. Now, running consistently, she talks through the lessons running has taught her so far.

How to Get Your Startup Business Idea Off the Ground

You have an idea you want to start up – now what? We compiled our essential checklist for all things needed to get your business idea off the ground. From market research to your logo, make sure you’re ready to tackle anything.

Our Top 5 Entrepreneur Stories of Success 2020

We’re motivated by the successes of others. We took time to reflect on the different things entrepreneurs like us tackled in 2020 despite the rollercoaster of a year.

Nail Working From Home | Tips From the Pros

2020 sparked a work-from-home revolution. For some, it may have been a first. We put some tips together that help us, as freelancers and entrepreneurs, nail working from home.

Want to Work With a Branding Agency? Here’s What to Ask

Branding your idea into a business can be a mountain of a task. With a branding agency, we’ll help you from conception to delivery. Here are the questions you need to ask when getting to know a branding agency.

Top 5 Entrepreneur and Creative Networking Groups | Curious Minds

Find entrepreneurs with the same goals, drive and passion as you do with some of these incredibly valuable and empowering communities. Whether you’re looking to improve your writing, connect with other business owners or hang out with the next generation of female founders, these entrepreneur & creative networking groups are worth checking out!

The Chapter Way | Learn About Our Process

Ever wondered what it’s like to work with an agency on a design or development project? What the process is like or how the project will flow? There’s never one size fits all, but the ride has similar stops along the way where we check in, make decisions and press forward with your big idea.

Curious Minds | Mental Health Resources

To shine a light on mental health awareness week, our team compiled a list of our favourite mental wellness resources- from people to podcasts, books to apps, here’s what we love for prioritizing our minds.

Londons Writers Salon

London Writers’ Salon | One Hour is All it Takes

What if you had one hour to focus and start your day with clarity, structure, and accountability? Join London Writers’ Salon – a one-hour Zoom call where you can join for free and write in peace.

Interview with Nikky Lyle | Resources for the Unemployed

There’s one thing 3 of us at Chapter have in common – we all came together from Nikky Lyle. Nikky walks us through her top tips for your CV, portfolio, reputation, research and going freelance so that you can supply the demand.

Crisis Management 101 | How to foolproof the worst-case scenario

In its simplest form, crisis management is the initiative that your organization takes to protect its reputation and image during a crisis. Everyone can benefit from it – so come read our crash course to learn more and implement some strategy for yourself.

Online Business Coaching | Fleur Emery Introduces REALWORK

Fleur Emery, REALWORK founder, start-up expert and speaker, is a powerhouse of knowledge. A business expert. She readily shares it with the world through her online business coaching.

10 Small Business Gift Ideas for Teammates during Holiday Season

If you’re looking for creative ideas to support small businesses and boost morale for your team, you’ve come to the right place.    Let them know you’re thinking about them by surprising your team with a holiday gift by mail this year.

Branding & Design Agency Chapter | A 2020 Year In Review

When turning the page, we can’t help but reflect on what 2020 was like at Made by Chapter. There were exciting new hires (including myself, Isabella and Kendra) and new projects that kept us busy and excited.

Streamtime | Project Management Software Reinvented by Andy Wright

Streamtime is project management software that we use here at Chapter. Sounds dull on paper; in reality it’s been a game-changer. It helps us with scheduling, resourcing, quoting – the list goes on.

Andy Wright from Streamtime | Mental Health in the Creative Industry

Having worked both agency and client-side he’s been around the block over the years, Andy Wright knows a bit about working in the creative industry. This broad perspective has made him realise that our mutual industry is a mentally unhealthy one.

artistic swirl of paint in water

The Best TED Talks on Creativity

Kick back with our favourite @TED Talks about creativity. They’ll bring out your inner artist, even if you deny the idea that you really are creative.

picture of creative recruiter Nikky Lyle smiling

Nikky Lyle | A Creative Recruiter with Conscience 

Nikky, an independent creative recruiter, inspired us to push ourselves to continue doing amazing things despite the odds during the pandemic. Her bold moves had a domino effect in building our confidence to hire two new team members during uncertain times, let alone do it remotely.

We hope these stories helped move and inspire you to reach for your dreams. Have anything startup and entrepreneur-related you think we should look into? Get in touch with us for a no-obligation chat today!