Looking for some go-to sustainable brands with amazing stories? You’ve come to the right place! Here we’ve curated a list of our favourite sustainable start-ups with really cool stories. Check them out!

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Charlie Bowes-Lyon & Wild Natural Deodorant

You won’t believe the challenges that Wild co-founder Charlie and his team faced during the start of their all natural and refillable deodorant business. He saw a demand for sustainability in everyday products, especially within the bathroom so he took on the challenge and succeeded, 25 iterations of the deodorant later. Read about the make or break moments that led this fast-paced startup to sustainable glory. 

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Nikki Michelsen & Ohne

Did you know what kind of harmful chemicals and other ingredients are in the standard tampon? Probably, not, since it’s not something that’s regulated by the government. And it’s not only ingredients that are harmful; most tampons are made with a plastic applicator and packaging which is constantly polluting the planet. Nikki Michelsen saw this issue and created a tampon subscription service with 100% organic tampons and plastic-free packaging.

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Saasha Celestial-One & Olio

Food waste is something we’re all guilty of, and at the same time, can be hard to combat. Believe it or not, each year, 6.7 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK. Olio is a mobile app making a difference in this very issue. Check out Saasha Celestial-One and Olio!

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Aliya Wanek

Looking for stylish, comfortable, ethically-made clothing? Congrats! You’ve stumbled upon the perfect company from which to shop. Aliya Wanek is an inspiring founder who saw all the negative effects that fashion has on the environment. Wanting to make a change, she launched her own clothing brand featuring beautiful dresses and other pieces to create your ideal wardrobe.

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Amber and Seb Fraser & Brave

After learning about the UK’s poor snacking habits, Amber and Seb Fraser wanted to create something that was healthy, yummy, and good for the planet. They knew that plant protein such as split peas, chickpeas, and beans were the most sustainable sources of proteins, so they focused on that and created a delicious snack from roasted chickpeas. You’ll never go back to potato crisps!

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Jessi Baker & Provenance 

When it comes to the world of all things sustainable, things aren’t always what they seem. Navigating greenwashing and wishy-washy terms makes ‘sustainability’, a transparency based concept, murky. Jessi Baker created Provenance to bring transparency to the world of sustainability when it comes to products- all while utilising the power of blockchain, mobile and open data. Read on to discover her story. 

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Kat Nouri & Stasher

Have you ever taken note of how much single-use plastic you use on a daily basis? Particularly those Ziploc sandwich bags you pack your kids’ lunch in? Think about how many of those bags are in the bins at your child’s school. Too many, that’s for sure! Check out Stasher and say good-bye to single-use plastic bags.

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Hannah McCollum & Chic P

Speaking of food waste, here’s another founder who was inspired by the same issue. Hannah McCollum, of ChicP saw so much food going into the bin each day during her work as a private chef. With the urge to help, Hannah began creating new and interesting dips using food that would have otherwise been thrown out. They’re delicious, too!

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Mahira Kalim & Spruce

Speaking of single-use plastic, Spruce is taking initiative as well. They have glass spray bottles with different household cleansers that come in tablet form, eliminating both plastic bottles, and saving you money. Best of both worlds!

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