We’re spilling all our secrets and sharing our favourite tools, tricks and tips for all you Social Media Managers out there! Whether you’re a seasoned pro, managing social for the first time, or you’re a DIY founder covering lots of areas of the business, these secrets are sure to help you with the planning and execution of your social media strategy.

UTM URL Generator

Trying to prove the value in your social media efforts? Whether you use social to sell products, get views, or grow your brand by sharing content from your own website, now is the perfect time to start using tracked UTM links. Using UTM parameters, you’ll be able to access the behind the scenes data in Google Analytics. Wondering if your bounce rate on that blog post is higher organically or from social? Or if your social media sale campaign pushed sales? UTM parameters are your best friend. Start using our free template today by tapping here!

Asana for Content Calendar Planning

Get out of google sheets and into something way more flexible. We love Asana for planning out the big and small projects, and most importantly, our content calendar. It allows us to collaborate on the same project, assigning tasks or subtasks for each other to complete. Each post gets its own task, and we assign design, copywriting, scheduling and approval to  all the right team players. Don’t forget, Asana has both free and paid versions, so be sure to take advantage of the free one to start and graduate to paid if needed.

Later for Scheduling and Design

At this time, and for our social media channels of course, Later is by far the one that ticks most of our boxes. We love their link in bio ‘visual’ link directory, which mimics your social media feed, meaning each post can have it’s own like. Need more than one link for products? Later also links up with Shopify or you can add multiple links in yourself, whether it’s to multiple different shops too (making it great for influencers). Lastly, our fave feature is the visual planner, because well, we’re a digital branding and design agency so our content needs to look cohesive, whether viewed in feed scroll or profile grid.

Dabbling in Paid Social?

Head over to Facebook Ads Library to stalk your fave brands or competitors to see what copywriting, CTA’s, videos or images they’re using for paid social. We especially love looking at brands we know have big budgets on paid social, meaning they have probably done enough A/B testing to have a solid understanding of what does and does not work on paid. 

Battenhall Text Updates

Want a daily update on all things tech, trends, social media and more? The Battenhall Daily Text update is perfect for you. To get the latest headlines, subscribe to the Battenhall Whatsapp by adding Battenhall’s number +44 (0) 74 9307 2286 to your mobile address book and then send them a WhatsApp message with the word JOIN.


Later Social Club Slack Group

Go ahead and join other community managers like you at latersocialclub.slack.com. Ask questions if you’re facing a dilemma and find the latest advice, announcements, apps, tools, tips and tricks. The group also caters to conversations around Instagram, Influencers, TikTok, Pinterest and more. Lastly, if you’re hunting for a job in social, there’s also a handy job-board. 

We hope these resources can help you along the way, but if you’re keen to get more assistance on your social media, feel free to get in touch with us (obligation-free!) We’re always here to chat about your social dreams or dilemmas.