Discover the Rec Room and you'll discover something special.

The Rec Room is an exclusive, luxury training facility which will launch in The Cayman Islands in 2020-2021.

It was set up by founder Brian Walpole and backed by investor Phillip Schlossstein. A fitness trainer himself, Brian was inspired by the realisation that the age-old approach to fitness needed to change. That a workout at the gym was no longer enough, that we need to nourish our whole self and look after our physical and emotional wellbeing.

And so The Rec Room was born. A space that blends luxury and innovation, science and technology. The result is an unrivalled approach to fitness training and nutrition underpinned by the three pillars that define their philosophy:

Optimise | Enhance | Restore

"With any new business and ambitious project, you are always looking for an agency that can convey your ideas in a way that is fresh and innovative but also retains the true meaning of your core values. The team at Chapter from start to finish achieved that and more but more importantly did so in a calm, organised and graceful way that allowed the process to flow effortlessly."

— Brian Walpole, Founder

Today, it's the Cayman Islands. Tomorrow, it will be another country as we bring the innovative spirit of The Rec Room to locations around the World.

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